Return from long absence

Well, after a long absence, I have returned to rekindle my enthusiasm for radio control model yachting.

I left the hobby/sport some 6 years ago after unbelievable politicking, bad-mouthing, destructive comments by a number of individuals turned what should have been a pleasant pastime into something that just left a bad taste in my mouth.

It didn’t help that there were elements in this hobby/sport that criticised me personally just because I tried to be impartial, and in doing that I became the enemy of both sides of arguments, critcised by both for favouring the other side. I did not need that crap from stupid narrow minded people in my life. ┬áBut the personal attacks were not just against me. Some people directed them to others just because they did not agree with each other. When emotion enters an argument or discussion, that argument or discussion is lost and there is no point in continuing, but this did not stop some stupid individuals.

And the end result of this infighting by stupid individuals in one case has seen a class once recognised by the ARYA now having completely disappeared from the national scene, although I believe it is still sailed under separate State regulations in NSW and QLD. I refer of course to the beautiful EC12.

But hopefully these people are no longer in the sport and we can get down, once again, to enjoying this wonderful pastime.